ArmorWeight adds weight to your armor! Heavier armor makes the player more immovable and slower. Decide twice if you want that heavy but strong diamond armor or if that swift leather armor would be better.

Main Features Edit

  • Balance armor types! Strong armor now gets nerft by making the player slower and more immovable. Also, this increases the power of horses, as you keep your speed on them.
  • More realism! Add realism to fights and duels on your server.
  • More strategy! Tanky or good at escaping? Your players will have to decide and makeup strategies!
  • No mods / use of potion effects needed!
  • Fully configurable! Change every value and message for this plugin!
  • Supports Forge items! Just add the mod Material names to the config file and it will just work!

Commands Edit

/weight [player] Get the weight of a player
/armorweight<help;reload> Displays generic plugin help or reloads the plugin

Configuration Edit

How weight works Edit

  • A "normal" Minecraft player weighs 100
  • Less weight (e.g. 80) means lighter (= faster)
  • More weight (e.g. 120) means heavier (= slower)
  • Player weight = normal weight + armor weight
  • A "normal" Minecraft horse weighs 500
  • Horse weight = normal weight + rider (player) weight + armor weight

ArmorWeight is compatible with:

  • Thirst, making players with heavy armor more thirsty!
  • Essentials
  • NoCheatPlus